Workshop hosted by Dripped Goods

Dripped Goods ( Workshop using CRAFTBAR at the Bloom Building, Birkenhead


CRAFTBAR for Convenience Gallery (

Designed to provide an engaging space where visitors can learn about circular design through participation and observation. The bar itself is a displayed piece that has been created with the same ethos and motivations as the participatory work created by the public. 

Building on my personal creative research, I approach this project with the belief that circular thinking has socio-economic benefits as well as environmental ones. When we invest time into reclaiming materials and reusing as much as possible, we save money and avoid contributing towards a false economy built on designed obsolescence.

Made from secondary materials donated by FINSA UK - with a modular self-contained design with an aim to create an environment (space) made from reclaimed materials that will encourage participation from members of the public to gain hands-on experience working with recycled materials and inspire them to think about the ways materials could be recycled and reused on an individual level.

Made with thanks to FINSA UK for the donated material. (