A larger kit made for more ambitious group builds

Set up for the Horizons workshop delivery

During the workshop participants were encouraged to think about ways that small structures can be used in the home to support objects

Participants were invited to build and explore the ways that materials can be reused


Starter kit for Horizons (Convenience Gallery)

The idea behind this project was to produce a kit to encourage playful experimentation with materials and to understand semi-permanent joining methods. Building on the idea that something can be taken apart and remade into something new encourages the reuse of other materials.


The design is made up of a kit with cut out slots and holes. The starter kit can be used on its own or with other materials. It is thought that when someone feels satisfied that they have created something themselves, they are far less likely to throw it away and buy something new. The kit can have functional applications and be used to make props, shelving or other storage, or it can be entirely sculptural.